CRYSTALS………I have several in windows at my house in memory of loved ones, & Scout, who have gone on. 

As part of my reading to find relief from pain & grief I came across a book by Ardath Rodale titled Gifts Of The Spirit.  She wrote about thoughts and feelings a crystal hanging in a window can elicit with an idea shared.  I am changing it slightly to wearing a crystal.  “At unexpected times you will see rainbows dancing.  Let this be a happy reminder that even though the one you love is not physically here, their energy never dies & their spirit is alive & well, dancing in the hearts of those who love them still.”  That was 22 years ago.

 I’ve given large crystals with this quote written out in condolence cards many times.  Then, as I was making aroma bracelets I thought I’d like to put a crystal in each bracelet to elicit the same feelings, maybe even more often.  The lava rock bead can be used for essential oils, perfume, or cologne. I can make men, women, & child sizes.

Treat yourself with patience & love.  Don’t run, give yourself quiet time & capture the rainbows.

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Running & Flowing Free

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Aug. 2019 Finishing The Elkhorn Hurl Ultra

After running The New York Marathon in 2018 I wanted to train for an ultra-marathon, but change my  training to maintain full range of motion in my legs.  During The New York Marathon I was unable to make my goal time because my outer legs, knees to hips, became tight about 2/3 in.  A combination of my nursing mind’s whole body approach to training, and my yoga body work training lead to a successful training routine and ultra-marathon outcome!

That tight, decreased range of motion, feeling was some IT band, some Q.L (Quadratus Lumborum), and some TFL (Tensor Fascia Lata).

IT Band – outer leg from knee to hip

QL – origin: iliac crest; insertion: 12th rib and L1-L4

TFL – origin: ASIA (anterior superior iliac spine = front hip); insertion: IT band

When you study body movement the connection between the back, hip, and knee become obvious.  The TFL inserts at the IT Band and the QL connects to your back and hip, and is your lateral stabilizer.  There are beautiful pictures of the muscles you can find on the internet or Pinterest.  Notice where the muscles mentioned above originate and where they insert.

So, strengthening my QL and TFL became a big part of my training.  I did several exercises to strengthen them almost every day.  I was able to finish the ultra-marathon, here in Montana, in August of 2019.  It was on trail with much more elevation gains and descends than New York, and I finished with positive splits and full range of motion.  I even walked another mile to meet my husband for pick up.  I felt great at the end!!

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Homemade Fresh Lemon or Peach Ice Cream




As summer comes to a close in Montana we enjoyed some homemade ice cream.

Forager has organic dairy-free half & half!   I modified a recipe by Sunkist:

2C Forager Half & Half.  For dairy version use heavy cream or whipping cream

1C sugar

Grated peel of 1 lemon

1/3C freshly squeezed lemon juice.  For peach (6) fresh peaches in food processor w/ half & half

Lemon Burst Cookie or waffles (optional)


This easy-to-make lemon, or peach, ice cream doesn’t require a machine.

Combine half & half with sugar; stir, medium heat, on stove to dissolve sugar.  Blend in lemon juice & zest (for peach version, I left the peach skin on).  Pour into shallow pan & freeze until firm, about 4 hours.  Serve with Lemon Burst Cookies.  Garnish with fresh mint leaves.  Makes 6-9 servings (about 3 cups).



Leslie Lake


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Running Diary – 9/1/2019

Leslie Lake from Elkhorn, MT

GREAT trail run and even better fishing!  10 miles, decent elevation gain >3000’

Collected sage, juniper, & purple daisies for new smudge sticks.

Went around lake and entered in from the top; more difficult side for quad.  A lot of water is coming in from top, trail is beautiful, mossy, and wet.

Racing downhill to (music) GREASE – You Better Shape Up –  uneven, large rocks, used the heck out of my poles – so fun!!

Form improvement – lead with my heart, pull with hamstrings, head up.

Fly Fishing hubby – fish look at flies before they bite; they take a swim by – Matt loves.

Hot sun on my back and legs, cool breeze circling my knees

Great food and coffee at the lake (love my Jet boil & Mushroom Coffee mix by Four Sigmatic) #foursigmatic

Can-Am Quad fan – challenging ride –

A bright purple quad wrecked up the trail.  She had flipped a few times before we got there.   Matt helped her with our Can-Am’s winch.  She has a shoulder strain.  She “lost her breaks at creek prior to difficult area.” #CanAm

Recovery – have perfected yoga flow for this runner.  #yogaforrunners #artfulblogging

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Drugs and Addictions

To everyone who  is struggling with addiction, & especially your parents:

I am drawn to write this because we have friends and family that have lost their children to drugs.  I am truly sorry.

As an Emergency Room RN, in an area that has a lot of methamphetamine and heroin patients, I see this terrible disease many times in a twelve hour shift.  Patients that don’t seem to recognize the power drugs have over them.  Their amygdala, a basal region of their brain overriding their prefrontal cortex (higher region of brain).

I want to try to somehow lessen your grief & guilt.  Parents are fiercely protective of their children, but kids ultimately make their own decisions.   Like migratory animals that travel thousands of miles every season……… we were born to run; or at least walk.  Just as you cannot stop a baby from walking,  some studies state “because it involves basic brain functions, everyone will become an addict if sufficiently exposed to drugs or alcohol.”  And, in many cases, the effect drugs have on human’s innate physiological processes in the body, addiction cannot be overcome, even for love.  The information provided below is meant to show how, down to the cellular level this disease works.

“Drugs of abuse co-opt the very brain functions that allowed our distant ancestors to survive in a hostile world.  Our minds are programmed to pay extra attention to what neurologists call salience – that is, special relevance.  Threats, for example, are highly salient, which is why we instinctively try to get away from them.  But, so are food and sex, because they help the individual, and the species survive.  Drugs of abuse capitalize on this ready-made programming.  When exposed to drugs, our memory systems, reward circuits, decision-making skills and conditioning kick in – salience in overdrive -to create an all-consuming pattern of uncontrollable caring.”  I quote this again, “some people have a genetic predisposition to addiction because it involves these basic brain functions.  But, everyone will become an addict if sufficiently exposed to drugs or alcohol.” Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of NIDA and pioneer in the use of imaging to understand addiction.  (TIME: Your Body A User’s Guide, Time Inc. Special, 2008)

In addition, young people exhibit pleasure seeking behaviors many times over adults that are a little older.  They are the age group most susceptible to addictive and harmful behaviors.

Below is a link (Scan0050) to a diagram from The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH) for TIME by Kristina Dell, Massey and Joe Lertola.  This article and diagram have stuck with me for 11 years.    Notice how the heroin and morphine block the release of inhibitory neurotransmitters and cocaine blocks reuptake of dopamine in the third synapse picture.  “If dopamine receptors are the gas, the brain’s own inhibitory systems act as the brakes.  But in addicts, this natural damping circuit, called GABA appears to be faulty, so the brain never appreciates that it has been satiated.” (same TIME article)



This YouTube explains the Japanese tradition Wabi-Sabi.  I have seen tea bowls mended with gold infused glue and they are truly beautiful.  The tea bowls, and tea cups, that get broken over the years are repaired and continue to be used to enjoy tea.  Their history is often a heart warming memory.

Wabi-Sabi resonates perfectly with yoga and the Yamas and Niyamas.  One of my favorite books is The Yamas and Niyamas by Deborah Adele.